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Company profile

Our company is one of the largest manufacturers, and the first major brand in Chinese market in multi blade saw machines field. We design and produce the most innovative, reliable technology products with high-quality, safety, and easy-use in China. The products and related services are also provided in the international market.

We sell products though the international market. With more than two thirds of the market share, we are at the top of domestic woodworking market for four consecutive years.

We pay attention to provide a standard technological products, and present unique and innovative products in high value-added areas. Our research and development institutions are located in Longyan, Fujian province and Lunjiao, Guangdong province. Additionally, we have three supporting factories to ensure a stable product supply to the international market.

Good quality not only requires attitude,but also technical innovation,but the most important thing is the actual implemention of each process.


Design and Development

We believe that technology and innovation is the important impetus of new world development. Innovation creates values.
We focus on providing the most innovative, reliable, well-design high-tech products to meet the market demand.

Management and quality

To improve the management level and promote products quality is one of the most important strategies of us.      
Our company passed ISO certification in 2011. In 2012, our company gained the quality certificate of high-tech enterprise issued by the national authority of quality and become an identified manufacturer for multi blade saw.

Production base and Equipment

Our production base is a strong guarantee for development. In Changting production base over 21,000 square meters area, with nine standard production lines. We apply the advanced processing equipment and high-precision testing equipment to strive to produce the highest quality products.

Market and Service

We are a global enterprise in Multi-blades saw machines lines. Our products spread overall 30 countries in the world; with these partners we sell products around the world. We devote ourselves to providing new marketing tools and sales program to assist customers to meet the unique needs, and also create the greatest value for the partners.

Products assembly

More innovative products bring to more customers. We have made great efforts to provide more unlimited innovative, cost-effective technical products to international customers. In the past nineteen years, we have successfully carried out 12 types products to the international market, for example four series log multi blade saw machines, block multi blade saw machines, log cutting machines, automatic cutting machines, four axis block multi blade saw machines, multiple saws, CNC automatic round table saw, CNC automatic log automatic saw logs and multi blade saw production lines. We make the products varied to meet the needs of different customers. In addition, we have won a number of design awards, patents, and the national new product quality certificate.

Looking forward the future

New world, new thought. The ultimate goal of Deli is to become "world-class national brands of multi blade saw machines".